Still Alive and Kicking

No messages for about ten months (fortunately) doesn’t mean that there is no more building and flying, on the contrary. Building and flying the Boeing 737 cockpit has indeed grinded to a halt, but this is also due to the fact that I have started to build a (separate) cockpit for a SEP (and later on also for a MEP). To leave the Boeing 737 cockpit untouched I made a separate setup. Read more

Long time no flight

Due to several circumstances, amongst which a number of “problems” with the Flight Simulator (mostly sounds), I haven’t flown for quite a while. These problems made me decide to completely reinstall the main flight PC (including Windows). It just took some time to get things going. The turning point was the release of Prepar3D version 3. Read more

And yet another monitor

IMG_2016Today I screwed another monitor to the right side of the shell. Since all four ports on the graphics card on my main flight computer are already occupied I bought an external USB/VGA video adapter. After installing the software for that adapter I plugged in the USB connector and voila yet another monitor (if there are not enough monitors already). Read more

“New knobs” for EFIS and MCP

IMG_1803On the internet I saw knobs for both the EFIS and MCP that had “pictures” on the front. These were not present on my Open Cockpits knobs. To create knobs like the ones I saw without spending too much money, I decided to once again fire up my cutting router and made some drawings of the knob facces.
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Engine Fire panel mounted

IMG_1816Yesterday and this morning I connected the wires from the Engine Fire panel to the interfaces in the MIP. When I will be making my pedestal with the radios and the like, I will use Open Cockpits interfaces for that purpose and the wires will be connected to those interfaces, but for now I will be using the spare connections on the PoKeys interfaces in the MIP.
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Engine Fire panel

IMG_1790The past time I have been busy with drawing and creating the Engine Fire panel. Instead of the ‘normal’ switches that have to be pulled before you can turn them, I opted for the normal 12 position rotary switches. These are a lot cheaper and the pull fuction can be emulated with a SIOC script.
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Lighting panels

IMG_1786It has been quite some time since my last post, but I have been busy. Most of the time went by due a very resisting new laptop, but eventually Windows has lost its battle and everything is now working as it should. I have also spend quite some time on both lighting panels. I have made holes in them for the panels and wire transits.
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