Reorganization website

I started this site almost two years ago. In the mean time I did not only add an English version, but also the ideas about the layout has slowly changed. Also due to this English version I slowly start running out of webspace. Not because of the text but of the (double) storage of pictures. To get more space available I plan to make this site dual lingual to save webspace.

During the alterations It will absolutely happen that the layout of the site is not what is is supposed to be. This will only be temporary. I plan to reorganize if these phases:

  • [v] Preparations vor multiple languages (downloads)
  • [v] Install a different theme
  • [v] Rebuild the (current) menu structure
  • [v] Add the new menu structure
  • [v] Add the original English pages
  • [ ] Put existing pages in the new menu structure
  • [ ] Where approriate adjust current posts
  • [ ] Add missing pages
  • [ ] Translate these pages
  • [v] Translate news posts

During all these adjustments the original English site will still be available. Once the new setup is also available in English, I will remove the ‘old’ English site. to gain more availble webspace. This will give more room for future expansions.

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