Projection panel

IMG_0376Until now the scenery was projected on the wallpaper. Not a very big problem, but it is a structured wallpaper and that structure is always visible through the scenery. So I decided to make a projection panel that will be hanged against the wall.

IMG_0377After some measuring and calculating I made a wooden frame. Against the back I mounted an aluminum ‘h’-profile. Then I screwed three MDF panels, each 122x70cm against the frame. This will make the projection panel a total size of 210×122 cm.

IMG_0378Then I mounted the same ‘h’-profile against the wall. The distance to the ceiling is just enough to hang the panel over it. Because the hanging system causes the frame to hang slightly off the wall, I mounted some plastic knobs against the bottom of the frame to keep the panel parallel to the wall.

IMG_0380As you can see the panel almost covers the complete wall. On both sides I will mount some ‘wings’ on which I will put black cloth. This will make you see nothing else but the scenery and the black cloth.

IMG_0381After this I filled the holes and seams. To be able to fill these seams I first sanded the sides of the panels. I will have to wait until the filling has dried before I can sand it down. After that I will apply a second layer of filling to be sure it is completely flat. Then two layers of white paint will be applied.

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