New beamer

IMG_0275On the brink of this year I made the decision to get a new beamer. First (a couple of months ago) I wanted to buy an Optoma GT750. A short throw beamer with a resolutone of 1280×1024. This beamer is out of production, so I had to find another one. It has become a BenQ W1080ST, also a short throw beamer with a resolution of 1920×1080. Full HD and also with 3D. This will (unfortunately) not be used for Prepar3D.

IMG_0276After the necessary calculations I mounted the bracket to the ceiling. When everything was set up I noticed that I had made a caluculation error. The beamer has to be moved 15cm to the left. I also have to find something so the image will be projected a little higher. This will probably have to be done by placing something between the bracket and the ceiling. I will have to experiment when the beamer is still mounted in the current spot.

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