Fire panel

PICT6788In the mean time I thought of a project for rainy days. I will make my own fire panel. If you buy it from Open Cockpits it will cost you around €470,00. Quite an amount, mostly due to the special switches which alone almost cost €300,00.

PICT6789If you use rotary switches (12 detents) and make the ‘boxes’ yourself it will not only be much cheaper, but will also give much satisfaction to have done it yourself. I made some AutoCAD drawings for the tops of the three switches and a base drawing for the three boxes themselves. I wanted to make the boxes from 2mm polystyrol (it has to be very sturdy) but could not find my 2mm polystyrol, so for the first prototype I decided to use 1mm polystyrol.

PICT6790It appears to be sturdy enough so the drawings will have to be adjusted to 1mm thick material which will make the picture of the top also larger. The illumination will be made from two (or three?) white leds in the boxes. For mounting the boxes to the rotary switches I plan to use the standard Boeing type 1 knob in which the hole will be drilled through the top. This knob will be glued upside down to the box with extruding parts cut off. Now I first have to experiment with the illumination to see how high (low) the box can be constructed.

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