Mini MIP

PICT6702In my current cockpit (equipment on my desk) I miss some knobs and buttons. It will still take some time to finish my ‘real’ cockpit and in the mean time I want something like a MIP. That’s why I started building a mini MIP. On it will the most often used buttons and switches be placed.

I made an AutoCAD drawing of these switches (holes) and put the text and lines on it too. I printed it on a sheet of A4 paper and sandwiched it between a clear and a white sheet. The switches I already had and the ones I bought at the Aviation Megastore are already in place. Now I have to wait until the switches from Conrad arrive.

PICT6701Most buttons already have their wires soldered and those will be connected to a PoKeys 56U. I also am busy with the housing which will be made out of MDF. It just had its first layer of paint. In this housing will also be placed some leds for backlighting the texts.

Those three leds will be connected for the parking brake, the A/P reset (both red) and the FMC reset (yellow). These will be attached to the switches to illuminate the text. I will have to experiment with resistor values to get these lights as bright as I want to.

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