Mounted the panels

This morning I took the spray painted panels from their supports. I kind of like the result. There are some dust particles, but you hardly notice them. In this picture the letters still have to be removed.

The first letters are removed and I am getting quite enthousiastic. Until now none of the insides of the letters (like the ‘O’, ‘R’, ‘A’ and ‘D’) have come loose. However there are quite a number of letters left, so easy does it.

The first panel is done and I like the result. Until now all letters are still good.

All the lettering has been removed. I noticed that I forgot the text ‘TA/RA’ at one of the holes. I scratched the text in the paint with a scalpel so the backlight can shine through. The result isn’t as neat as with sticky letters, but I can’t help that anymore. I noticed I forgot (another) text at one of the holes (‘VOR LOC’). Because I don’t really like the solution for the ‘TA/RA’ text, I decided to put (black) sticky letters on top of the paint. The backlighting won’t shine through, but that is too bad.

All switches are mounted. I used the following colors: red and green as a substitute for encoders (red up and green down). White as a replacement for selectors and balck for the ‘normal’ buttons. The next step will be the enclosures in which these panels will be mounted.

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