Letters on the temporary MIP

I took the measures where to put the letters from the prints of the (removed) fronts. Then I drew lines with a very soft pencil on those places where the letters should be attached on the completely dulled down acrylic. Now you’ve got some guidelines where to place the letters so they can be aligned.

After this you can peal each letter from the sheet and stick it to a (supplied) piece of paper with small squares on it. You can move the letters around without them sticking to this paper.

When you are satisfied with the result, you can lift the letter with an (also supplied) piece of transparant sticky tape and put them in place on the acrylic.

In this way you can put all the texts in the places you want. After removing the sticky tape you have to press the letters again to the acrylic. And now on to the next text.

When all the texts are put in place you will get this as a result. Now I have to clear up my workbench, put down some papers and also stick them to the cupboards and then I can start to spray paint the acrylic.

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