Installed a ‘new’ PC

Yesterday my brother in law has got another PC from his daughter (a Pentium 4, 2.8GHz) because his old one became very slow. That was also a Pentium 4 but with 2.0GHz. Both PC’s had 1 GB of memory and an 80 GB hard disc. His old PC also had a 200GB hard disc. We decided to swap all the discs.

After the swap I installed Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bits) and some other software like a viru scanner. My brother in law told me that I could have the old stuff and see what I could do with it. Since I already had a Pentium 4 with 2.0GHz at home for the display of my instruments, I decided to use that macine for the same purpose and put the old pentium 3 back in stock, because that one was really too slow.

At night I tried to install Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bits), but after 2/3 of the install process the PC suddenly turned itself off (twice). I then installed Windows XP and that went well. Than I had the idea to install Windows 7 Ultimate again, but this time in English. The new Flight Simulator PC will also be in English because of the speach recognition.

This went well and after installing the usual anti-virus software I also installed the iFly client. I made a little test flight (with a keyboard, no yoke or so attached). It appeared that this PC needs a keyboard attached to the PS/2 port to startup (I normally use Input Director). So I will have to go and get me some cheap PS/2 keyboards (HP) to prevent that from happening again.

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