Thrust levers en Reversers

Today I have been busy to finish the thrust levers and reversers as far as possible. First I assembled everything (as far as necessary) to be able to measure the distances. I need this to calculate in what angles I have to bent the aluminum strips for the reversers.

After this I guided the wires of the thrust levers through the holes and screwed everything together. Wires that are pushed into a groove have the habit of coming out again. To prevent this I twisted the wires a little. This makes them stay where I want them to stay.

After assembling the aluminum strips things are going to look good. During this assembling I noticed that I had swapped the knobs on the handles. This corrupts the wiring schedule I had made (black left and red right). No problemo, just document it and remember it during the connection to the interface.

I assembled the three central panels (6-8) on just the middle wire end. Now you can see how it will eventually look.

Only the springs for the reversers still have to be assembled. These needed to be measured first and that was only possible when all other things had been assembled.

4 thoughts on “Thrust levers en Reversers

  1. Patrick

    Great work, i wan’t build but i can’t find drawwings at internet. Can you send me please. I like your work

  2. M.Bunjes

    Hallo Theo, dat ziet er fantastisch uit. Ben bezig een TQ te bouwen (voornamelijk 3d geprint) maar ik kan niet achter de dimensies van de reverser handles komen.
    Kun jij misschien helpen ?



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