Hiding the wires

Today I have been busy with the thrust levers. Specially the hiding of the wires had my attention. I routed some grooves in those places where the wires would otherwise be visible. These grooves are very ‘crude’ so the wires will better stick in those grooves.

I also mounted the strips for the reversers. These strips will have to be bent into shape later. To be able to determine the place of the pivoting point I put the microswitches in their places before drawing the holes for the strips.

Here you can see how a microswitch is put into its place and also how I guided the wires to the outside through a (slanted drilled) hole.

And here you can see how the wires are put into the groove. You can also see the aluminum strips. The part of the groove that will stay visible has been filled. This can harden overnight and be sanded down tomorrow.

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