Back to the Radeon HD 7770?

Because I still haven’t got a main panel after the complete reinstall of my system (which I had before I installed the GTX670) I am thinking of reinstalling my old videocard (Radeon HD 7770) and see what happens.

This is a step back in performance and resolution, but if I can get my main panel back, it is worth the trouble. I will try this on monday. If I don’t get my main panel back, I can always install the GTX670 again and see what else can be done about it.

First I will deinstall the Nvidia drivers with Driver Sweeper, than replace the videocard and hook up the Matrox Trple Head 2 Go Digital Edition again. As soon as the system is started again I will install the drivers for both the videocard and the TH2GO DE. Then we will see if this step backwards is also a step forwards or not. I am curious for the result.

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