Resolution Triple Head 2 GO Digital Edition

For the outside view of FSX I am using three 22″ monitors linked to a Triple Head 2 GO Digital Edition which is hooked up on a Sapphire Radeon HD7770.The strange part is that I can only achieve a maximum resolution of 3x 1280×1024. Others (using a NVidia GTX580) can achieve the higher resolution of 3x 1680×1050.

Both cards use a dual link DVI-I connector, so it can’t be the bandwidth. The strangest thing is that a 4:3 resolution is recognized while I am using 16:9 monitors. Also the selection via GXM quick setup doesn’t run correctly. I fyou select widescreen (16:9) only the 4:3 resolution will be shown and the other way around.

After a few attempts you get a kind of tired. Nevertheless I kept searching for an .ini file mentioned in the log. After having found this file I opened it and checked it. There are separate section for both NVidia, ATI and Matrox. It appeared that the maximum resolutions mentioned in this file were different for all three cardtype. In the NVidia section are the much higher resolution, so there is not only a difference in bandwidth!

Changing to a NVidia card will probably give a better resolution. Probably this will also give a 16:10 resolution which will prevent the current distortion of the (16:9) images shown on a 4:3 monitor.

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