Domain move

Since a week or two I am busy with adjustments to my site so the current two sites (Dutch and English) will become one site (multilingual). I will get more webspace because the pictures will be stored only once. This caused trouble with my provider. They took these changes for a DDOS attack and blocked my IP-address. After a mail they corrected this, but nevertheless. Last weekend I had to send this email four times in two days. That did it for me.

I also have another provider without any of these problems. After a small investigation it proved to be cheaper to upgrade my contract with this provider than the sum of the costs with two providers. I now have 60GB webspace and room for 20 databases, so enough for the time being. Now I have to move all files and databases to the new provider without the sites going down. A new activity for me, so I will try this with a small sleeping site.

I ordered a move for this domain and that was carried out within 24 hours. Before this I made a backup of all my files and databases at my old provider and downloaded these to my own server. After the contract upgrade I created the databases and filled them with the ‘old’ data. I also made directories for all my sites and restored the files from my old provider. After altering the access files for the databases all I could do was wait.

After the move was ready I checked if the site could be approached and maintained. This was true so I could start the move of my flight simulator sites. This took slightly longer (about six hours) but these sites were also approachable and maintainable. The last thing I did was removing all files and databases from my old provider and ending the contracts with them. Now I can start with the backlog of my activities.

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