Too much at the same time

I am busy with too much things at the same time which causes nothing to be completed and hence no cockpit will be finished. I decided to postpone some things to a later time and concentrate on a couple of (main) items. This need not be in the order in which they are placed.

  • [v] First I will mount the interfaceboard on the overhead panel, connect all the wires and put the overhead panel aside for a while.
  • [ ] Place the MCP back in its housing again (temporarily) so I can fly again (which I haven’t done for quite a while).
  • [v] Bring the software up-to-date and apply some patches where necessary so I can fly again.
  • [v] Dismantle all test setups (the tests are finished anyway) so I will get some more space on my workbench.
  • [ ] Finish the adaptions to this site so I can remove the separate English site.
  • [ ] Finish the map of airports in Europe with the L-zone, the rest will have to come later.
  • [ ] Finish the instrument panels for the cockpit (making holes and mounting everything). What can be added later (like the backlighting) will indeed be done later.
  • [ ] As soon as everything is in place, disassemble the cockpit and start painting.
  • [ ] Take apart the equipment in the simroom and store it somewhere else so the cockpit can be placed.
  • [ ] Assemble the cockpit in the simroom, mount all the available stuff and connect it all.
  • [ ] Test for good functionality and fly.
  • [ ] Mount the remaining parts in and behind the MIP.
  • [ ] Mount the overhead panel (think of a construction), connect it and start using it.
  • [ ] Create, design and make a new (temporary) pedestal in which a monitor will be placed for the radios.
  • [ ] Make a new (mini) panel for a couple of pedestal functions (like TCAS) and incorporate it in the temporary pedestal.
  • [ ] Design and create a solution for hanging the sidepanels so they can slide.
  • [ ] Mount and connect a (couple of) monitor(s) in the sidepanel(s).
  • [ ] Mount extra stuff, like glare lighting panels, backlighting, extra instruments and so in the MIP.

When I am finished with this list a hole lot of water has run under the bridge.

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