P3D in 3D

P3D in anaglyph 3DThis morning I read a post on the DutchFS forum from someone who owned a BenQ W1080ST beamer and a NVidia videocard and who flew with FSX in 3D. Offcourse you will need special glasses for the real experience, but it seemed also possible to use anaglyphic mode (colored glasses). Since I use such a beamer myself and also have a couple of (cardboard) 3D glasses I decided to give it a go.

First I upgraded the NVidia driver to the latest version and then I checked the 3D box in the control panel. Since I still use a VGA cable I can’t use the 3D possibilities of the beamer (HDMI necessary), but that does not matter because I don’t have the appropriate glasses anyway. After starting the 3D wizard you are presented with four options for the glasses used. The first three all deal with real 3D glasses, so only the fourth option (colored glasses) was the one to choose.

Next you are presented with screens for the left and right eye in which two images are shown in 3D colors. Beneath each image are three images from which you have to choose what you see. I have four different glasses so I first put these on to see if they could be used at all. If I did not see both sets of images to choose from, those glasses could not be used. This left two pairs of glasses (red/green and red/blue) to choose from. I found the red/blue pair gave the best result for me.

With these glasses I made a small test fligth from EHRD and I must see the result exceeded my expectations. I did not think this was possible without the program (in my case Prepar3D) generating those images itself. You realy are flying into the clouds and also the takeoff and landing now give a special experience. Since I only started Prepar3D and nothing else (no ProSim737 and hence totally without instruments) the landing resulted in a crash at the touchdown, but that was also a pretty impresive (3D) experience.

As soon as my cockpit is ready en placed in my simroom I will order two pairs of 3D glasses for my beamer and will also connect the beamer with a HDMI cable so the original 3D function of the beamer can be used. I will again have to run the 3D wizard for the best result. After powering down my computer I suddenly realised that I also have another pair of 3D glasses, the ones used in cinemas. I will give them a go next time, but I don’t expect I am able to use them for I think they are based on a polarisation principal. I think that in the mean time I will color the insides of the (white) cardboard edges black for more comfort during flying, now you can easily see the white edges.

I tried the ‘cinema glasses’ but, as was expected, they did not work in this setup. So I will have to fly with ‘colored glasses’ for some time.

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