3D (im)possibilities

I looked into the possibilities (and impossibilities) of 3D. To start with the latter, 3D glasses for the beamer are not an option because the NVidia card cannot send a signal they understand. They can only be used when a source can supply a true 3D image like a Blu-Ray disc and a suitable player.

That leaves the possibilities of the card itself. They are the anaglyph part (colored glasses) and the active shutter glasses (wired or wireless). An USB IR emitter with one pair of rechargable glasses cost around €125,00. Another (extra) pair of glasses will cost you another €85,00. A basic equipment for two persons will set you back around €210,00.

If you choose glasses with their own USB connection you will be slightly cheaper, they cost around €62,50 a piece, so for two glasses you’ll pay €125,00 (€85,00 less than wireless), but you will have a wire ‘dangling out of your ear’ (which you already have if you are using a headset).

The third possibility is keeping the anaglyph glasses, but then ones with a greater comfort than the cardbord ‘glasses’. There are plastic version which cost around €5,00 a piece (€17,00 for four pieces). There are also clip-ons like the ones you can use as sunglasses. These can be clipped to normal glasses (and be worn ‘upright’ if they will not be used). These clip-ons cost around €10,00 a piece.

It looks like a supplier of these glasses has a shop in Zoetermeer (close to where we live). If that is indeed the case chances are that we will pay him a visit sometimes in the coming week to buy two clip-ons and two plastic glasses which will set us back around €30,00 for four glasses with which we can also look at 3D movies on our TV set (through PowerDVD on a laptop).

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