Finally worked on the pit again

After a sad period, with among other things the demise of my dog, I finally had the desire to work on my cockpit again. I finished the interface part of my overhead panel. After that I connected the power and the USB to my main flight computer. Then I had to make some adaptions to the configuration files so all the interfaces are recognized within SIOC.

After that I had to adept the script as it was provided by ProSim. That script is only for the forward overhead, so I have to make my own script for the aft overhead. When testing all the switches I noticed that some switches did not work (yet), so I have to check them later.

After checking all the switches and leds it was time to adept the script with the port numbers I use and put those numbers also in the ProSim configuration. After the first test I stil had to change some entries. The next step will be to alter the port numbers for the leds. I am thinking of changing the order of the variables (and hence also their numbers) to get a more logical order. I will also change some names so they look more like the names used within ProSim.

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