Software and scenery

Although my last post was over a month ago, I have been busy. I started with a SIOC script to control all kinds of sounds. These are for instance missing callouts, announcements from the cabin crew and announcements from the flight deck to the cabin crew. I am far from finished, but the logic is present and this took quite some time, most of it due to figuring out the offsets within FSUIPC.

To correctly control each sound it is necessary to be able to distinguise in what phase of the flight the plane is. After that you can take action on the flipping of a switch or a gate becoming available. The phases of the flight are determined and also the criteria for playing each sound are documented.

08-DefI have also been busy with testing scenery. My flight computer is installed with FS Global Ultimate Europe together with GEX and UTX. On itself this is an improvement to the deafult scenery. In this picture you can see a part of the A20 between Rotterdam and Gouda. I flew with a ‘low-and-slow’ Piper Cub to be able to take many pictures for comparisson.

08-PlusOn my laptop, on which the default scenery is present together with NL2000, I installed ORBX FTX Global 1.20 and ORBX FTX Global Vector 1.00. To be honest, I first took the screenshots on my laptop and afterwards the same shots on my flight computer to find out that the latter did not have a trike (yet) so I had to take the piper cub instead.

Both times I flew the same route and made screenshots at the same places so they could be compared. ORBX FTX is far the better combination. Soon I will buy FS Global 2010 FTX which is a mesh product especially made for the FTX scenery.

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