Preparations for mounting the OVH

The past time I could hardly work on my cockpit. This was partly because I was working on a SIOC script and testing scenery (see my previous post) and partly because I had some painted panels that I had to put elsewhere. I cleaned out a spare room (of which most went to the garbage disposal) and after that I could put my painted panels upstairs so I could use my workbench again.

IMG_0858While I am still working on my shell, I had the opportunity to make a good mounting for my (second hand) overhead panel. I was not content with the available mounting so I had to figure something out. I screwed a protruding piece of wood against the original mounting to bring the pivoting point forward. This makes it possible that the complete panel can be tilted down without any part of the OVH panel touching the shell.

IMG_0859After some measuring and calculating I also mounted the necesssary pieces of wood against the shell. Now the drilling in the shell is ready and I can start painting the wood.

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