Build a predestal

IMG_1418Today I had the DIY store cut the panels to size. At home I screwed those panels together and added some supports for the monitor and the mini MIP.

IMG_1419I also removed the TQ console from my simpit upstairs and fastened it in my new pedestal. Just before the TQ I screwed some supports where I will fasten the mini MIP.

IMG_1420Then I cut the top plate for the monitor to size. I also drilled the holes so I can fix this plate into place. After that I filled the screw holes in the pedestal and after that had dried I sanded them down.

IMG_1421The last thing I did was to put on the first layer of grey paint. Tomorrow I can apply the second layer and the day after tomorrow I can mount and connect the monitor, the mini MIP and the TQ. Afterwards I can screw the top plate into place. To hide the edge of the monitor, the top plate wil get some black or grey tape around the edges.

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