Pedestal is ready

IMG_1427Today I put all the equipment in the pedestal and connected it to the interfaces. You can never avoid a problem. That goes also for this predestal. When it is placed like I intended, the knobs of the TQ touch the lower EICAS. When I pull the pedestal a little bit back, there is a gap between the pedestal and the lower EICAS. This will be filled with a 4cm wide piece of MDF.

After that I began to check all the equipment. I started with the OVH. Here one switch and three leds fail. I also checked the MIP and EFIS. These are all connected to OC interfaces and can be checked with the available OC software. The equipment in the MIP is connected to PoKeys interfaces and the test software is kind of hidden in the menu structure. I first had to enter the configuration within PoKeys itself to be able to test them. I will disable the configuration within ProSim for safety reasons so the configuration cannot be mixed up.

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