Interface replaced

I have had quite some problems with an Open Cockpits USB Outputs Card the last couple of weeks. At a regular base this card wasn’t recognized by Windows. At first this could be mended by removing the USB plug and disconnecting the 5 volt power connectors. After 10 seconds I reconnected the power connectors and plugged in the USB plug to get things working again. In a later stage I had to remove the device from Windows before reconnecting the power and USB again. Even later I had to perform a reboot after removing the device from Windows. Since last week the device wasn’t even visible from within SIOC.

In the mean time I had already tried different USB cords, different ports on the USB hub on the overhead panel, all to no avail. So probably the USB Outputs Card had broken down. I decided to get another USB Outputs Card. This arrived last tuesday and I immediately moved all the connections to this new card and checked if this card worked properly. It did, all I had to do was change the USB port number within sioc.ini and all leds could be operated again. It’s time to get flying again.

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