The ‘roofing’ has started

IMG_1572Today I started with the ‘roof’ of the cockpitshell. First I added both sides for the overhead panel. These are divided in three parts to have a piece I can move to get to the slides with which the overhead panel is fastened.

IMG_1573After this I made the frame to mount the MDF ceiling panels on. The frame can’t be mounted yet because the old frame did not have the same width everywhere. To correct this I will have to move one or both the slides a little. After that I can mount the frame for real.

IMG_1574Finally I layed both top panels loose on the frame. It appeared that the frame of the overhead panel is not exactly square with the current shell. Over a distance of almost 1.2 meters the panel is about 2cm off center. This can be easily be corrected before mounting both ceiling plates.

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