Frame for a CDU

IMG_1575I have an OC CDU on test to see if I like it or not. It is a version 2, so without backlighting and the leds will have to be connected yourself by soldering wires to a 40-pin connector. Before I strart soldering I want to have flown a couple of times to see if this CDU works OK and if I like it. The first couple of flights looks promising although I very much miss the leds.

IMG_1576To see if this CDU can be fitted in my lower MIP (instead of my iPad) I did some measurements and indeed this CDU will fit. I started to make a two part frame that can be fixed around the CDU. At the underside of the CDU there is no room to mount it in another way.

IMG_1578I had to route a part of the backside of the frames because there is only 5mm space between two brackets and my MDF is 9mm. I also had to cut away a bit for the it to fit around the distance bolts. I somehow made a calculation error because the CDU is not centered (in the heigth) in the frame. No big deal because the bottom of the iPad mounting also had some extra room.

IMG_1579I am quite happy with the current solution. To be able to fix this frame with the CDU in the current location I will have to cut a hole in the lower MIP, but I will only do this if and when I have decided to keep this CDU (which is most likely).

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