Reconstructing the CDU

IMG_1580I have been busy with connecting the leds of the CDU. I followed the drawing in the manual for the CDU and the connectors matches the ones with markings on the print. None of the leds could be lit. I checked internet and it appeared that pin 1 was not on the colored side of the flatcable (as usual) but on the opposite side. Furthermore it appeared that ProSim can only light up the EXEC and MSG leds and not the FAIL, DSPL and OFST leds. In the picture above the wires are connected WRONG!

I cut off the wires to the leds that are inoperable and connected the remaining wires in a good fashion. The MSG led worked straight away, but the EXEC light was dead. This was caused by a mechanical fault of the led. So I took a deep breath and decided to open the CDU. It appeared that the plastic of the led was glued to the topcover and the wires were stuck on the print. What I was affraid of did indeed happen, a few of the knobs came loose. I desoldered the wires of the led and mounted a new one.

IMG_1582Now the CDU is open I decided to look at the posibilities of backlighting the CDU. There is just room enough for the led strips I am using. I mounted a couple of strips and tomorrow I will start attaching the wires. I will also drill a hole through the PCB to guide the wires through. I already looked where that hole can be drilled without damaging any of the circuits (on both sides).

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