Extra monitors on the “wings”

IMG_1627Now both wings are in place it is time to mount the monitor, which was temporarily fixed with clamps, for real. I drew the measurements for the VESA mounting with the help of a spirit level and a ruler. Before I did this I sticked some wide painting tape on those places where I needed to draw. In this way there will be no markings left when the monitor is mounted. After drilling the holes I mounted the monitor with the help of my wife. You cannot hold the monitor in place at the inside and at the same time fix the bolts on the outside.

IMG_1626After that I did the same with the monitor on the left side. The monitor on the right side will be used for the ProSim Instructor Station and FS Commander. The monitor on the left side will be used for the ATC screen or the IVAO screen and for showing the necessary plates in .pdf format. For this also a Windows Explorer will be present to select the plates.

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