Second design AFT OVH frame

IMG_1670Today I have altered the frame for the AFT OVH panel. In the first design the parts between the panels (to prevent light from shining through) were made out of 18mm wood (apart from the top panel) and the outside from 7mm wood. This will definitely cause trouble when the AFT and FWD OVH are fixed to one and other.

I decide to make the outside edges from 12mm and the inside panels from 7mm wood. This also creates more space for the backlighting of the lettering on the panels which will make them look better. To be able to judge the effect of this new design I placed the componenten against eachother as best as I could and I am happy with the result.

The next step will be to determine where the holes for the wiring will be drilled. I will also have to take in consideration where the piano hinges will be placed. So I will have to give it some thought, but with the help of the printed versions of the panels I think I can manage it. At the same time I can determine the number of led strips needed and where best to place them. The last challenge (as far as I can see right now) will be to decide on the order of mounting all the strips of wood and the way they can best be screwed together.

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