The first panel is ready

IMG_1742The first panel for the lighting panel is ready. It is the lighting panel for the First Officer. In the picture on the left you can see that the vinyl has been stuck to the polystyrene. Where holes have to be drilled I left two opposite quarters as much as possible to be able to determine the centers for drilling the holes.

IMG_1743Because of the size of the letters you cannot save the middle parts of a P, D or O. With a B it is utterly impossible because it has two inner parts. In the first picture you can see what remains of these letters. It is readable, but pretty? I then took a black paint marker (Edding 780) and filled in the missing parts.

IMG_1744After spraying the panel with a clear varnish it appeared that that spraypaint had dissolved the black paint from the marker. With upcoming panels I first will have to spray the panels with clear varnish before I apply the paint from the paint marker.

IMG_1745After scratching away the excess paint with the tip of a scalpel I am quite satisfied with the result. Just for the fun of it I calculated what this panel (9×16.5cm) had cost me on materials. The materials were 3mm polystyrene, white vinyl, grey paint and clear varnish. All together this panel cost me €1.15. This amount makes me look at this panel with half closed eyes. Next panels will be better looking without a doubt for this is the first panel I have made this way. With the experience I have got now, the remaining panels will be made in a slightly different way here and there. Besides that I will try to get the inner parts of the letters better looking by givng them a once over with the scalpel for a better result.

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