Panel redecorated

IMG_1747Although the panel already looked quite acceptable, I wasn’t completely satisfied with the looks of the panel, mainly due to the bad layer of clear varnish. It appeared that this polyurethane varnish is not meant for use on vinyl.

I removed the black paint with the tip of a scalpel and filled them back in again with the same grey paint that I used for the panels themselves. After the paint had dried I again took the scalpel to remove the paint in those parts where they should not be. Then I started the search for the clear varnish that I wanted. First at ‘Karwei” close to my home and after that at “Praxis” in Zoetermeer. Both times without luck. I then decided to make a visit to a modelbuilding shop in Zoetermeer. They had a clear acrylic varnish, but only in gloss.

On my way home I passed the “Bouwhof” in Zoetermeer and I gave it another go. They stocked spraycans with clear acrylic varnish in gloss, satin and matte. I took a can of matte back home. After rinsing the panel with water and soap and after drying it I put a couple of layers of spraypaint and after two hours of drying I could inspect the result. I am quite pleased and already have put the grey paint on the remaining three panels of both lighting panels.

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