Curved screen

Curved Screen-01At the moment I am using a beamer and a flat screen (210x122cm). This makes a part of the room visible on both sides which are covered with black curtains. On the FS Weekend I saw a stand in which just one beamer (the same I have got at home) was used with a semi circulair screen. It looked very good, so I started thinking about a curved screen at home. I drew my original situation in AutoCAD and within that drawing also a 180 degree screen. It did fit, but I would never be able to get to the front of the simpit where my computers are placed and where also the back of the MIP is where my interfaces are mounted.

Curved Screen-02I then decided to look into the possibility to keep the center part straight and only the corners / sides curved. Before I start changing anything I first want to make a test setup to see if I like the rounded edges while flying or if they give a distorted image that looks unnatural.

I will make one (or maybe two) parts that I can mount before my current screen. These parts will be curved and will be mounted on the flat screen and probably on both wings on which I have hung the black curtains. A number of A4 sized sheets of paper will be taped together and taped to the curved frame to simulate the curved screen. Then I will make a flight to see what it looks like and if I like it. Without moving the beamer (backwards) I won’t be able to cover the complete screen, but I think it is enough for a first impression. If I like it I can always make a structure on the shell to place the beamer on.

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