Engine Fire panel

IMG_1790The past time I have been busy with drawing and creating the Engine Fire panel. Instead of the ‘normal’ switches that have to be pulled before you can turn them, I opted for the normal 12 position rotary switches. These are a lot cheaper and the pull fuction can be emulated with a SIOC script.

IMG_1791The boxes are made out of 1mm polystyrene. On the inside there is an extra ledge on which the textpanels (and the transparent top panel) will rest. There is also an extra ledge on which the panel with the four leds is glued.

IMG_1792In a test setup you can see the three switch positions. The boxes are glued on knobs which are mounted on the shafts of the rotary switches. The wires are passed through a hole in the bottom of each box (close to the knob) and through the front of the panel.

IMG_1795After cutting the text out of red vinyl, these are glued on 1mm thick polystyrene . These are covered by a 2mm thick transparent piece of perspex. Both pieces are made to size in such a way that they will stick in the boxes without gluing them.

IMG_1796I made a test setup to see the effect of the burning leds. I am satisfied. Now all I have to do is create a support in the pedestal for the Engine Fire panel and attach wires to this panel that will be connected to the interfaces.

2 thoughts on “Engine Fire panel

    1. Theo Post author

      Wat mij betreft vanavond al. Het paneel is dan nog niet ingebouwd, maar een demo setup is natuurlijk mogelijk, kan je gelijk de rest van de vorderingen bekijken en een stukje vliegen.



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