Engine Fire panel mounted

IMG_1816Yesterday and this morning I connected the wires from the Engine Fire panel to the interfaces in the MIP. When I will be making my pedestal with the radios and the like, I will use Open Cockpits interfaces for that purpose and the wires will be connected to those interfaces, but for now I will be using the spare connections on the PoKeys interfaces in the MIP.

Before the panel was mounted I fixed two sets of led strips to the bottom of the panelbox and painted the back of the leds twice with black paint (against shining through). After testing all the functions and leds with the PoKeys software I amended the ProSim configuration with the new functions. Last but not least if screwed the panel in place and mounted both (painted) side panels.

I also mounted the reconfigured temporary panel. The old panel consisted of a white perspex layer, the printed picture and a transparant piece of perspex. It looked good, but the backlighting shone through. I created a new panel with the cutting router on which I also included a TO/GA button. I had to use an extra wire for this button to the PoKeys interface in the MIP, but that was no problem.

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