“New knobs” for EFIS and MCP

IMG_1803On the internet I saw knobs for both the EFIS and MCP that had “pictures” on the front. These were not present on my Open Cockpits knobs. To create knobs like the ones I saw without spending too much money, I decided to once again fire up my cutting router and made some drawings of the knob facces.

IMG_1804I started with both course knobs. In this picture you see the result after the superfluous parts are carefully removed. You then put transfer foil on the parts you need and press it firmly. The vinyl will now stick to the transfer foils and can be transferred to the knob.

IMG_1805Normally you spray some special fluid on both the vinyl and the knob, this makes it possible to move the vinyl around until it is in its exact spot. I also did this with the knobs, but the vinyl did not want to stick. I then removed the fluid and tried it again, again with no avail. After quite some tampering I finally succeeded. The cause could be that I used “old” knobs which had been handled quite often and could have a layer of “grease” from this handling. I decided to sand down all the knobs and spray a layer of transparant paint on them.

IMG_1817After this paint had dried the stickers could be placed on the knobs without any problem. Then I stuck the knobs to a stickypanel. This is made by fixing a piece of tape to a piece of wood with the sticky side outside. You then fasten this tape with small pieces of sticky tape. This makes it possible to stick small and light objects on this tape so they don’t get blown away when spray painting them. In the picture you can see the wrong EFIS knobs (letters instead of the remainder).

IMG_1818And after all the knobs have had their sticker glued on I sprayed an extra layer of transparant paint on them You can see the result in the picture on the left. In the picture below you can see closeups of the EFIS and MCP. I am satisfied (again).


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