Long time no flight

Due to several circumstances, amongst which a number of “problems” with the Flight Simulator (mostly sounds), I haven’t flown for quite a while. These problems made me decide to completely reinstall the main flight PC (including Windows). It just took some time to get things going. The turning point was the release of Prepar3D version 3.

As expected the installation of Windows gave some troubles (Windows did not recognize its own partition table). in the second attempt I finally succeeded. Then I succesfully installed Prepar3D v3. After that I found out that the ORBX products did not have installers for Prepar3D v3, so that will have to wait.

After this installation I sorted out the communication with ProSim, installed FSUIPC and configured the controls (yokes, rudders and TQ). A number of configurations had to be adjusted because they functioned in reverse. Finally I checked and corrected the sounds over the several PC’s / soundcards. During a short flight I tested things and (fortunately) all works as expected.

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