Still Alive and Kicking

No messages for about ten months (fortunately) doesn’t mean that there is no more building and flying, on the contrary. Building and flying the Boeing 737 cockpit has indeed grinded to a halt, but this is also due to the fact that I have started to build a (separate) cockpit for a SEP (and later on also for a MEP). To leave the Boeing 737 cockpit untouched I made a separate setup.

The PC for flight preparation has a second (interchangeable) hard disc and runs Prepar3D and the scenery (on a SSD). On a second PC two touchscreens are present which run Air Manager. The instruments for a Cessna 182 are drawn by myself (with SkinMan) and with a (lua) script the instruments come alive and the keypresses are transferred to Prepar3D.

The MIP is still under construction and I am also looking to use this setup for a twin engine Dornier Do 228 (NG with Glass Screens) with different Air Manager files, as soon as the setup is completely ready and flyable. I made a separate website for this new setup (just in Dutch).

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