X-Plane 10

On the FS-Weekend in Lelystad (early november 2016) I saw a presentation of X-Plane 11 in the cnema of Aviodrome. According to the presenters this was the default X-Plane 11 scenery. I thought it looked marvelous so I decided to buy X-Plane 10 at the booth of Aerosoft, there was an action that they would send you X-Plane 11 free of charge if you bought X-Plane 10 for €59,00. It appeared that X-Plane 10 could be installed on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. My Macbook is too old and slow for X-Plane 10 and I had heard that X-Plane performed better on Linux.

I installed Linux Mint on a hard disc and tried to install X-Plane 10 under Linux Mint. Even with a step by step manual installation found on internet it did not work (the umptieth problem I had with Linux) so back to Windows 10 and installing X-Plane 10 on it.

The installation went flawless. I only installed the Europe scenery since that is the region I fly the most. The first couple of flights are done with the default Cessna 172 because I have a MIP made with Air Manager. This runs on a separate PC with two touch screens. I found the default X-Plane 10 scenery to be a bummer, almost everything is flat with here and there a couple of houses and trees which don’t look natural at all. It didn’t matter if I flew in the neighbourhood of EHRD, flew from EHMZ to EHSE or through the Alps from LOWI to LOWS.

Although the default scenery for X-Plane is still better than the default Prepar3D scenery, Prepar3D has the possibility the do “something” about this default scenery. I use the ORBX products (global base, global vector and openlc Europe) and that looks much better. X-Plane also has something along these lines but that is based on aerophotography (and originally made for X-Plane 9) and that only looks good from a great heigth and looking straight down because they also have a flat representation. For me reasons enough not to continue with X-Plane 10 and wait for the delivery of X-Plane 11.

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