X-Plane 11

Early april 2017 X-Plane 11 was delivered. I installed it to see what it looked like. Again only the scenery of Europe was installed and I made a number of my default flights. I have to say that it looks that good that it can be compared with the ORBX products. Even better a number of airfields I looked at even look better because they have buildings and such according to the real world. All in all reasons enough to continue with X-Plane and look for possibilities to get my small cockpit up and running with all the hardware needed.

2 thoughts on “X-Plane 11

  1. ammarmalhas

    OK, so h0w do I follow you here and get email notifications of what and when you post?
    I am really interested in configuring my Opencockpits hardware (full cockpit) to X-Plane 11.

    1. Theo Post author

      Hi Ammar,

      the only thing I can think of is that you check this site on a regular basis. As you can see I am in the process of putting a kind of a back log of my experiences so far on my site, so at first things will be posted in a relative fast way. After that I will have to figure out new things and may take some time. On the right side a little down you can see a Categories chapter, when you select “X-Plane” you will see all you want to know. Since most of my B738 cockpit also runs on Open Cockits hardware I will most certainly look into interfacing these cards with X-Plane.



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