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The x737 Project (EADT) has a Boeing 737-800 flight model complete with a VC cockpit free for download. More than 270 different liveries are available. This airplane still needs quit some time to fly with before can be decided is everything works OK but for now all looks very promissing. Because X-Plane does not have all the datarefs to fly this plane as it should, x737 Project has made over 1,700 datarefs specific for this airplane.

The first thing I noticed was the absence of an AFT Overhead panel. Also within the datarefs of the x737 there are no links to functions on hte AFT Overhead, the same goes for the default datarefs. It is unknown if, when and in what extent a new version will have an AFT Overhead panel.

2 thoughts on “x737 Project

  1. Peter

    I have heard that the x737 Project are very open to introducing user requested enhancements into their x737. So if you know what you want then ask them if they can do it.
    Might be worth a try?

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