Renewed start

The last message about the B738 flight simulator is well over a year ago and I must confess that I have hardly flown this cockpit in that time. The last flights had to be aborted due to bad power connections
which are indeed a bit flimsy to say the least. Besides that I have been busy with X-Plane 11, Air Manager (both version 2 and the new version 3) and a couple of other matters that were more important at that time or needed more attention.

Prosim has a new release for their 737 software and if you upgrade before march 1st 2018 it is free for registered users. This, and the fact that I finally wanted to fly this cockpit again, were the main factors to resurrect this cockpit in the coming month. I started with the power connections. I bought PCB boards and terminals and made designs to solder these connectors to the PCB boards. This will be done with the CNC router.

The computers will have to be fired up again, updated and images of all drives will be made to an external HDD so they can be written back in case of emergency. The thought behind this is that I will also upgrade to Windows 10 and so start with a clean slate. Important files will also be backed up to another HDD so they are easily available.

In this way I am also forced to configure ProSim from scratch, but that is the way it is. It is a good start to get to grips with the prevailing hardware again. I plan to create screenshots of all the configuration parts that I can check if things go really south.

So if everything works out well I will have a “new” sim within a month.

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