Windows 10 trouble

Windows 10 is installed on all three flight computers. During the installation the upgrade to the Creators update was also performed. This made the total install time quite long, but most of it can be done simultaneous to shorten the total time.

Everything looked good but after a reboot of FS2, the PC on which ProSim will be installed, I could not use the keyboard anymore. During the boot process I still could use the keyboard so it has to be something with Windows 10. With the on screen keyboard I could enter my password and start searching for the problem. It appeared that all four (?) keyboard entries failed. I deleted them and let them be discovered again, but to no avail. I got a message that the entries for the keyboard in the registry were corrupt, but it did not state where I could find them or how to repair them.

I did the setup again taking good notice if everything worked fine or when not, what was the last thing that was installed. The same problem occurred after the installation of Input Director. I also noticed a strange behaviour of Input Director on FS3. There you could see the ripple effect when switching from one PC to another but no cursor.

I downloaded the software again. The size is the same but it is always possible that a bit has changed on the version I have on my NAS (not likely). It is also possible that the software, which works fine under the original Windows 10, has to be adapted to work OK with the Creators Update of Windows 10. Later this day I will try the “new” version and if the problem persists I will revert to the original state with Windows 7.

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