Boot and update PC’s

Besides the installation of ProSim 2.0 at the end of february 2018, this cockpit has only been gathering dust. Yesterday I finally booted the PC’s and updated Windows (7). After this was done I decided to see how the new ProSim would run. All the sound info was gone or more exactly all the sounds came through all the speakers. I first corrected this so each sound comes from its original speakers. Then ProSim was shutting down and starting up again constantly. I first upgraded from version 2.01 to version 2.03 (still without an update abo), but that did not bring a solution. On the ProSim forum I found out that SimConnect had to be installed (again) on the ProSim computer to solve this problem.

After that I followed the checklist to see if everything worked as it should. There were a number of parts that did not work anymore like the EFIS, the throttle quadrant and the rudder pedals. There was also a very noisy alarm that went off as soon as the battery or the ground power was switched on. There is still some work to do before a flight can be made. I hope I can find the time for solving these problems in the near future.

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