Extra PCs

I have obtained three (older) PCs. These are HP 7800 small form factor PCs equiped with an E6550 processor, 80GB HDD and 2MB internal memory. This processor has a PI of 1.499. Besides the “main PC”, on which Prepar3D is running, there are also a PC with an Q6600 processor (PI 2.955) and a PC with a G1610 processor (PI 2.492) present in the B738 cockpit. There is also a PC with an i5-3550 processor (PI 6.940), which handles the sounds from the back of the airplane. This PC also handles most of the downloads and runs photoshop. With the three small PCs there is an opportunity to shuffle functions of the existing PCs. Now the laptop (i5-4200U processor, PI 3.287) and the i5-3550 PC run several tasks and (because of that?) have become very sluggish and have to be rebuild.

The main purpose is to have the “work PCs” (laptop and i5-3550 PC) to run only the normal daily tasks. Depending on the number of screens, needed for the simulator, two (or three) of the small PCs will take over the tasks of the E6800 and G1610 PCs. The i5-3550 PC will be rebuild to run only its original tasks. The same goes for the laptop. On the Q6600 and G1610 PCs all the tasks like testing and special programs (like the Ortho4XP jobs) can be run. Both these PCs can be monitored through TeamViewer. If one of these PCs becomes sliggish or does not function like it should be, it can simply be rebuild.

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