The teardown has started

Since I have not flown in this cockpit for over a year I deided to tear the shell down and sell the hardware. The first thing that was removed were both “doors” that prevent the view outside. Before that I had to remove the four monitors that were attached to these doors. I also removed the top covers beforehand.

Also the front cover has been removed and together with the top covers they have been transported to the garage. The hinges are also removed from the left door. I still need to remove them from the right door but I will come to that another time when the sun is not shining on the front windows. Now it is too hot. When the hinges are removed from the right door then both doors can be transported to the garage too and they can be cut into manageable pieces that can easily be transported.

Because this cockpit will be ended also the site will be ended in due course. For now all the pages will be removed apart from the TQ page because I regularly get requests for TQ drawings. When the cockpit has been sold and the tear down is complete the site will be removed totally.

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