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My name is Theo Scholten and I was born in 1949 in The Hague, The Netherlands. Electronics has been my hobby for as long as I can remember I even build amplifiers with tubes. This hobby led to my interest in computers. At first I took a look at the Apple II, but that was too expensive (over 3.500 guilders). An alternative was a Tandy TRS-80 which ‘only’ cost 2.345 guilders. For that money you got 4KB fo memory. I changed a lot on this computer because a schematic was supplied.

Some of the alterations were the addition of lowercase, a different multiplier to speed up the processor, adding a control key, expanding the memory to 48 KB, adding a serial port, adding two 5 1/4″ floppy drives and building my own printer. I always enjoyed having this computer.

The computer virus had caught me and after a little over 6 months this hobby has become my work. After following a six week course programming in Cobol my first project was creating a (terminal) datacommunication between two locations. The first setup was in Fortran so I continued with that language. After working as a programmer for a cou[le of years I made the switch to the hardware side and started preparing and planning jobs. I progressed to systems programmer and al last to systems manager and network manager. These last two combined jobs I have done for over 15 years with a lot of pleasure.

Early 2010 I retired early and that also has given me a lot of pleasure. I always said I didn’t hate my job, but it took up a lot of my spare time. That is still true. I can’t sit still for too long and I am always looking for something to do.

Fortunately I am quite handy (got that from my father) and I have a large garage with all kinds of equipment and tools. This makes it possible to create all kind of things myself. This is not only cheaper, but also gives me very much satisfaction. I can use ll these hobbies in my Flight simulator.

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  1. Gareth


    Greetings from across the North Sea in England!

    I am about to build a throttle quadrant based on your excellent instructions. Could you send me the diagrams for the throttle handles please?

    Many thanks


    1. Theo Post author

      Hi Marco,

      since my MCP is currently completely built in I would have to dismount it completely before I can make another picture. I have looked at the picture and I can see clearly where each wire has to be soldered after I zoom in on the picture. Have you done so? In the message you can click on the picture to get an enlarged version. That version will be reduced in size to fit on your screen. Within that version you have the opportunity to click on it so you get the full version of that picture. All you then have to do is scroll to the place in the picture to get to the part where the wires are soldered. The white wire goes to the top left connector and the yellow wire goes to the bottom left connector (the blue to the bottom right).



  2. William


    I am building my own throttle quadrant, so I was wondering if you could send me the cad drawings for the quadrant, handles, levers, etc.
    Amazing work!


    Ps:I have commented several other times but I’m not sure they have gotten through

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