Almost complete shell dismantled

Today most parts of the shell have been dismantled and transported to the garage. Only the OVH and its supports are still present. The next step will be to cleanup the remainder of the cockpit from “stuff” that has been “parked” there and after that to dismantle the pedestal.

The teardown has started

Since I have not flown in this cockpit for over a year I deided to tear the shell down and sell the hardware. The first thing that was removed were both “doors” that prevent the view outside. Before that I had to remove the four monitors that were attached to these doors. I also removed the top covers beforehand. Read more

Extra PCs

I have obtained three (older) PCs. These are HP 7800 small form factor PCs equiped with an E6550 processor, 80GB HDD and 2MB internal memory. This processor has a PI of 1.499. Besides the “main PC”, on which Prepar3D is running, there are also a PC with an Q6600 processor (PI 2.955) and a PC with a G1610 processor (PI 2.492) present in the B738 cockpit. There is also a PC with an i5-3550 processor (PI 6.940), which handles the sounds from the back of the airplane. This PC also handles most of the downloads and runs photoshop. With the three small PCs there is an opportunity to shuffle functions of the existing PCs. Now the laptop (i5-4200U processor, PI 3.287) and the i5-3550 PC run several tasks and (because of that?) have become very sluggish and have to be rebuild. Read more

Boot and update PC’s

Besides the installation of ProSim 2.0 at the end of february 2018, this cockpit has only been gathering dust. Yesterday I finally booted the PC’s and updated Windows (7). After this was done I decided to see how the new ProSim would run. All the sound info was gone or more exactly all the sounds came through all the speakers. I first corrected this so each sound comes from its original speakers. Then ProSim was shutting down and starting up again constantly. I first upgraded from version 2.01 to version 2.03 (still without an update abo), but that did not bring a solution. On the ProSim forum I found out that SimConnect had to be installed (again) on the ProSim computer to solve this problem. Read more

Power distribution

The past few days I have been busy with the new power distribution. With the CNC machine I made several prints from one sided copper plated pertinax. I drilled holes for wires and connector blocks and routed seperations between these connectors. Then I measured the length for each wire, cut them to size and soldered them onto the various prints. I sticked foamtape against the back and cut out a hole for the solderings. Read more


Today I adjusted the IP-addresses within a lot of configuration files. After that I updated ProSim to the latest version (1.56) and tried the sim. Nothing was operational. I had to change the USB port numbers within SIOC. Most of the switches and annunciator were operational after that. During the startup of the sim quite a lot of alarms sounded. I just cut the power to most of the speakersets. Read more

Renewed setup

Due to the problems with the combination of hardware and software I have decided to revert back to Windows 7. After all three computers had gotten their fresh version of Windows, the updates, tools and a restore of several files and folders, I installed Input Director on all three PC’s. Again this did not function flawlessly. Connections were regularely lost which caused that the monitors on that PC were not accessible. Will have to look into that one of these days. For now we will have to get ProSim (still version 1) up and running and see if it also has (network) problems or not.

Only one old computer

The “advantage” of working with several computers at the same time is the possibility that you mix up those computers. That was again true in this case. At first I stated that both FS2 and FS3 computers did not have Windows 10 support. Now it appeared that there is another motherboard in FS3 then I first thought. There is Windows 10 support for FS3. I am now in the process of installing Windows 7 on this computer and will have to think things through what I will do next.

Windows 10 bye bye

The problems between Windows 10 and Input Director cannot be solved by me, it needs an update from the manufacturer to make it compatible with the Creators Update. Ik have looked for alternatives but the were or not free, or for a maximum of two computers or for only one screen per computer or so old that there is no support for Windows 10 with or without the Creators Update. So I had to decide to revert back to the original situation with Windows 7 and all the software that was installed on the computers at the moment of the image backup. Read more