FS2 – Supporting flight computer

On this computer are installed the programs for handling some displays. It also runs ProSim Audio for the GPWS and TCAS sounds through the extra soundcard. Through the on board soundcard and ProSim Audio the soundsof the packs and stick shakers can be heard. This computer runs Windows 7 64 bits English.

Case AOpen H450E
Power supply Cooler Master GS800
Motherboard ASUS P5QL-CM
Processor Q6600 2.40GHz
Processor Index 2.972
Memory 4GB
Video Sapphire Radeon HD7770
HDD 1 Western Digital Blue 500GB
HDD 2 Western Digital Blue 500GB
Optical 1 DVD burner LG GH22NS
Optical 2 DVD burner LG GN24NS
Monitor 1 Dell 17″
– Resolution 1280×1024
– Display(s) Upper EICAS
Monitor 2 Samsung 17″
– Resolution 1280×1024
– Display(s) Lower EICAS, F/O CDU
Monitor 3 iPad 3 via Air Display
– Resolution 2048×1536
– Display(s) Cpt. CDU
Audio 1 On board
– Speakerset ?
– Location Fwd OVH
Audio 2 Creative Soundblaster 5.1 VX
– Speakerset ?
– Location Beneath CDU’s

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