Throttle Quadrant

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The building of the throttle quadrant is divided into several parts. These are:


4 thoughts on “Throttle Quadrant

  1. Rune

    Very nice work so far! Im planning to build my own throttle soon.
    Woundering about the M8 Bars, how long are they in cm? Maby i can order them to the correct lenght so i do not need to cut them.

    Best regards,


    1. Theo Post author

      The length will partly depend on the size of the servos (or DC motors) you are going to use. Those sizes determine the width between the to adjacing panels. I took a length of 1 meter and cut that in half. After the build is (almost) finished I will measure the total length needed and cut the lengths to the size needed for my version of the TQ.



  2. Quinn

    Hi. Did you make this. I been wanting to build one like yours. Is there a built one. How do you build that. By hand? Or did someone else build that for you?

    1. Theo Post author

      Hi Quin,

      my TQ is not finished yet, the electronics and painting still has to be done. I changed my priorities to building an OVH since I have got a (Saitek) TQ I can fly with at the moment and my current OVH is missing a lot of switches / annunciators and such. I also started building a Beechcraft Baron B58 MIP for flying low-and-slow so one thing at the time. And yes, I am building it all by myself with the use of “some” (electrical) equipment.



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