Throttle Quadrant electronics

I soldered 50cm long wires to the switches. Because quite a number of wires will dangle beneath the throttle quadrant when I am finished, it is essential that you bring structure in the colors you use and also document them. I use two colors for ground (left side black, right side red). The auto pilot disengage has yellow wires and the TO/GA has green wires.

After the wires are soldered to the switche I fit a piece of shrink hose over each contact to isolate them so you won’t get a short circuit when you put everything together.

Here you can see how a microswitch is put into its place and also how I guided the wires to the outside through a (slanted drilled) hole.

And here you can see how the wires are put into the groove. You can also see the aluminum strips. The part of the groove that will stay visible has been filled. This can harden overnight and be sanded down tomorrow.

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