Unfortunately… wrong buttons

Today not only the Pokeys 56U interfaces arrived, but also the buttons I ordered with Conrad. I mounted the first few buttons and I must say it looks very impessive. I tried one of the buttons and it felt like an on / off switch to me. To be sure I hooked the switch up to a multi meter and indeed… the wrong buttons.

I checked the Conrad site to see what went wrong. On both pages it stated that the function marked between ‘( )’ is a momentary function. None of the switches had someting between parenthesis. Then I checked the documentation of the manufacturer (which is the same for all buttons).

The text ‘( ) momentary’ is displayed beneath the (bought) ‘B’ version. However there is also an asterisk in front of the parenthesis. This asterisk is not very clear (as is the rest of the document). Next to the schema of the ‘A’ version is a little triangle that could be seen as an asterisk. That should mean that the ‘A’ version has the momentary function.

The price of the ‘A’ version is also a little bit lower what could support the ‘A’ version as being the one with a momentary function. I put all the buttons back into their bags and put everything back in a box, complete with the return form. I also wrote upon it the reason why I selected the wrong version. I also ordered the correct version and brought the box to the post office.

Now the led’s will be delivered before the buttons. It is for the better because now I can check if the printed front is dark enough or that I must find a better solution.

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